One of the most common arguments against lab-grown diamonds is that it’s the worst investment ever, a waste of money with no resource value compared to natural diamonds. In this article, we are going to check if it’s true or not. Let’s start with genuine diamonds. There are two main ways to get your money back. The first option is to sell your diamonds on websites.

If you bought your diamond from a

If you sell it to a pound shop, you might get a much lower return. In any case, you are losing around percent or more. The second option is if the retailer you bought your diamonds from offers an upgrade program. Depending on the retailer’s policy, you can get up to 1 credit for your original purchase and add a payment to make the upgrade. Another thing to remember is that diamonds that share the same attributes also share similar result values. If you initially overpaid for the diamond, you will end up losing more when you resell it. For example,

If we buy a one-card evs one xxx with no fluorescents from Blue Knife, we would have to pay eight thousand four hundred and eighty-nine dollars for the same attributes on James Ellen. Assuming the result value is sixty percent of the lower price, we will get four thousand seven hundred and forty-six dollars back, but when reselling it, we will lose three thousand one hundred and sixty-four dollars instead of three thousand seven hundred and


So what about lab diamonds? Let’s assume the haters are correct and lab-grown diamonds have zero resale value.