The Hydrogen Water Phenomenon: Unveiling the Health Elixir


Step into the realm of hydrogen water, an enigmatic elixir captivating the imagination of health enthusiasts worldwide. Hydrogen water, simply put, is water infused with dissolved hydrogen (H2) molecules.

Its genesis traces back to the year 2007 when whispers of its health-enhancing properties started reverberating across Japan, ultimately sparking a hydrogen water boom. Today, this fervor has yielded a market of astonishing scale, valued at tens of billions of yen, and its global footprint continues to expand with a plethora of hydrogen-infused products flooding the market.

However, amidst the fervent enthusiasm, a whisper of doubt has emerged. Skeptics question the veracity of hydrogen water’s purported benefits, casting a shadow of suspicion.

In this exposé, we unravel the mysteries of hydrogen water, delving into its fundamental essence, exploring its purported effects, and providing prudent precautions for those intrigued by its allure.

2023 Top Ten Brands of New Household Hydrogen-rich Water Machines


Experience Optimum Health with the High Concentration Hydrogen Water Bottle


Immerse yourself in the health-enhancing benefits of high concentration hydrogen water with our innovative, portable hydrogen water bottle. Engineered to generate exceptional hydrogen concentrations between 3000-4500ppb, this product revolutionizes your hydration routine. Here are the standout features that make this bottle a must-have:

  1. High Concentration Hydrogen Water: Our hydrogen water bottle is designed to create 240ml (8 ounces) of hydrogen-infused water with a concentration of up to 3000ppb in just three minutes. A consecutive run boosts the concentration to an impressive 4500ppb, according to reagent tests.
  2. Aluminum Alloy Construction: Unlike conventional plastic bottles, our product employs an aluminum alloy body for a sleek appearance and superior durability and pressure resistance.
  3. SPE/PEM Dual Chamber Electrolysis Module: Equipped with a DuPont N117 ion membrane and platinum/titanium plates, this bottle ensures ultra-high hydrogen purity of 99.996% and chlorine-free water.
  4. Bottled Water Compatibility: To enhance your travel and outdoor experiences, this device allows direct connection with your bottled water (30mm) to the base for instant hydrogen-rich water.
  5. Accessories: This product package includes inhalation kits (low flow only for temporary use), a protective lid, and a charging cord.
  6. Robust and Portable: Crafted from food-grade, BPA-free PC material and sturdy aluminum alloy, this bottle can endure a 1m free fall without damage. Its compact size makes it an ideal travel companion, perfect for home and outdoor use.
  7. Multi-Purpose Design: This versatile hydrogen water bottle serves three purposes: a hydrogen-rich water bottle, a bottled water hydrogenation machine, and a low-flow hydrogen inhaler.

Drink your way to better health with our high concentration hydrogen water bottle, offering more than just hydration. One cup from our bottle equates to 2~3 cups from other hydrogen water generators, ensuring you get maximum benefits in each sip. With a higher water level and less residual air in the cup, you can achieve greater hydrogen pressure, making 8oz / 240ml the perfect water volume for optimum hydrogen dissolution.

Stay refreshed, stay healthy with our hydrogen water generator bottle – your partner towards a healthier, more vibrant life.