instructions for choosing a hydrogen water cup


How to Choose the Best Hydrogen Water Cup for Your Needs.
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1. There are various materials for water cups, glass materials are fragile, and you should be careful when using them; plastic materials are drop-resistant and corrosion-resistant, but food-grade materials must be used. Hydrogen water cups are made of food-grade materials imported from South Korea, which are durable. The materials in the water cups that are in contact with water are all food-grade, odorless, and BPA-free.
2. The electrolytic plate of the hydrogen water cup should be coated with platinum. Only the electrode plate with the platinum coating will not precipitate heavy metals. The electrode plate of the Hydrogen Water Cup uses platinum for seven plating layers. The electrolytic plate is not easy to deform and is durable during long-term hydrogen production.
3. Choose a water cup with a hydrogen-oxygen separation membrane because it can block ozone and residual chlorine and is safer to drink and use. The Hydrogen Water Cup adopts the hydrogen-oxygen separation ion-exchange membrane technology, imports DuPont 117 membrane from the United States, and adopts platinum coating, and the hydrogen-oxygen separation is thorough.
4. The amount of hydrogen production should be stable. Nowadays, many hydrogen-rich water cups can complete hydrogen production in 2-3 minutes, but the time is short, and the amount of hydrogen is small. Some cups have very few bubbles after a long time (the hydrogen production capacity decreases). The hydrogen production concentration of hydrogen water cups is high, the maximum hydrogen production in 9 minutes is 3700ppb, and the hydrogen dissolution time is extended.
5. Nowadays, many hydrogen-rich water cups have similar appearances. Still, they have no patents or only appearance patents, no water quality testing reports from national authorities, and no after-sales maintenance services. Because they dare not go to the national authority for water quality testing and cannot obtain relevant water quality certificates, long-term use of such products will cause significant harm to the human body and cause irreversible damage! Therefore, these data are also indispensable.
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How to Choose the Best Hydrogen Water Cup for Your Needs
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