Shenzhen Electronics Markets

On Monday, we set out to visit two manufacturers. The first assembles our LED strips. Above, you can see workers assembling LED strips. What really struck me were the similarities between SparkFun and this company. We both have groups of techs with soldering irons and exhaust fans, assembling cool stuff. It’s really not that much different from how we do things in Boulder.

77th China Electronics Fair (CEF Spring Shenzhen)

There’s always a risk that the printer makes a mistake in the print run – a rotated page, missed instructions on the assembly of special features such as tabs and card holders, quality problems with the cover’s foil debossing. Furthermore, on rare occasion, I’ve had delays in the raw paper stock arriving, but that usually incurs no more than a 2-3 week delay beyond the predicted schedule. However, I’ve printed thousands of copies of other books with this printer in the past and had few problems, so I’m optimistic that the run will go smoothly. I’m also going to get another proof copy before the full run happens, which will give me a chance to catch and fix any such problems.

Dang, I just got back from Shenzhen on Thursday (took me a few days to catch up on everything now that I’m back). Would have loved to have met you while there. Schenzhen is such a different city. Ended up with a few free days and spent it just exploring the electronics district around the SEG Tower. 3 days, and I bet I still missed half of it. Wish there was something like that in North America.

We took a tour through the Huaqiangbei market, a massive collection of vendors who are selling everything from imitation iPhones to circuit boards and soldering irons. This is the place you come to figure out how your next gadget will get made, haggling with vendors who act as a front office for component suppliers and manufacturing facilities spread across China.

Blacklab1 / about 8 years ago * / 1 / OMG! The Pic of Transformers- I could not believe all the Torrid Transformers. I think I almost died and went to heaven. I am a true believer in Torrid Transformers- Yes they cost more, but they are worth it when you have heat issues in a confine space and the ones I have used are quite when it comes to EMI. I know it’s a little much to ask, but I wish that SparkFun could have the 12V models in stock.

john bougs / about 8 years ago / 1 / Dang, I just got back from Shenzhen on Thursday (took me a few days to catch up on everything now that I’m back). Would have loved to have met you while there. Schenzhen is such a different city. Ended up with a few free days and spent it just exploring the electronics district around the SEG Tower. 3 days, and I bet I still missed half of it. Wish there was something like that in North America.

One major downside to doing business in China is censorship. The Communist Party of China controls Web content, blocks access to certain sites and services, and monitors individual access. There are nine state-licensed Internet Access Providers that censor certain URLs and keywords at the router level and there are about 12 government agencies that have authority over the internet.

Unlike the Apple watch, you can’t change watch bands. If you look carefully, you’ll see that the GSM antenna is integrated into the molded silicone rubber band.

There are a few possible reasons. The first being, the Chinese government opened up Shenzhen as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) so that foreigners could easily enter China from here. This combined with cheap labour and fairly lax environmental controls and an economy (dollar) that is kept artificially low, created the perfect conditions for a lot of export businesses. This made a lot of electronics factories (as well as fashion, and a plethora of others) start up. The convenience of having a lot of space, low barrier for entry, and little environmental issues meant that factories for every kind of electronic part sprang up very quickly. The ability to source a new capacitor, or resistor or whatever else you want from across the street, or a mile away creates a very easy system for prototyping, and manufacturing, as you don’t have to wait for parts to ship from across the country, or worse, across the world. Again we can’t discount the cheap labour and the lax environmental laws, and the ability to bribe local governments, a lower tax rate, and an artificially deflated dollar (to make manufacturing and exporting goods more attractive to foreign investors).1.8k Views · View Upvoters

Who is Stormy Daniels

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They asked Daniels if they could pose on either side of her, each one kissing the porn star on the cheek. They didn’t think she would say yes, but they have the photo to prove she did.

Another Saturday Night Story: My 4th Great Grandfather William Hays

The agreement is explicit that Trump is entitled to “immediately obtain, either from the Arbitrator and/or from any other court of competent jurisdiction, an ex parte issuance of a restraining order … without advance notice to .” Ex parte is a Latin term referring to a legal proceeding where only one party is present.

The exhibition was created with the help of a team of experts and has been reviewed by child psychiatrists, educators, and museum interpreters. Through the years since its inception, it remains one of the Museum’s most popular experiences.

Now it sounds like he is getting the type and quality of stimulation that he needs in an environment that is safe for those on the spectrum. The improvements you are speaking of sound quite miraculous and I’m so glad that you are seeing them. In regards to his newfound friends, despite us on the spectrum often enjoying our solidarity and individuality, we’re still human and enjoy the company of others even if we don’t express it sometimes lol! With a supportive group of friends and teachers, I’m sure he’ll do well. I’ve certainly benefited from my amazing group of friends. I’m sure you’ve also found some like minded parents to talk with also.

Putnam was, sadly, not around to watch television on the evening of January 30, 2018, when the adult-film actor and director Stormy Daniels appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to field questions about whether or not she engaged in a sexual affair in 2006 with the married man who would later become president of the United States. Daniels, the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month, allegedly received a payment of $130,000 a month before the 2016 election in return for an agreement that she would not disclose any part of any relationship she might have had with Donald Trump. She has since officially and repeatedly denied that any such affair took place. But in 2011, Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, gave a wide-ranging interview to In Touch Weekly in which she offered copious details about sexual encounters with the president, including that he’s reportedly superstitious about his hair and is deathly, aggressively afraid of sharks. On January 19, In Touch published the interview transcript in full.

They got this ruling in late February, as press leaks made it clear Daniels wanted to get out of the agreement and to tell her side of the story. So the restraining order came before the lawsuit that Daniels and Avenatti filed. In the lawsuit, Avenatti describes the arbitration ruling as “improper and procedurally defective,” and “bogus.”

‘I was moping, feeling sorry for myself. Ivan looked at me, then grabbed me by the shoulders, not hard and not mean, to get my attention.’

If it is in any way possible, I would love for my story to reach Lisa Whittam or to at least be made aware within your institute that despite the many failings of the education system, there are gems that save young kids like me. I probably would have ended up in a mental institution in all honesty, and though I will never be cured, my mental scars urge me on in life, to become successful, to find happiness. Sure, I have some bad times and some good times. But it’s the worst times that remind me never to go back, to never regress back into what I was. Intellect is a painful burden at times, but if Lucas, with your help, can use it to help himself, he will survive. He will develop and prosper into a happy young man.


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About Enoch

“Chaps. 72-82 The Astronomical Book, like the Book of Watchers, may date from the third century BCE; the oldest copy of it seems to have been made not long after 200 BCE. Sizable portions of the text are preserved on four copies, written in Aramaic, from Qumran cave 4. The Aramaic original appears to have been much different and much longer than the Ethiopic text, adding far more astronomical details.” – James C. Vanderkam

Enoch is an enigmatic figure in the Bible, mentioned only a couple of times. Very little is said about him, and yet he strangely appears in the “hall of faith” of Hebrews 11. Though little is said about him, the portrait that is drawn of him is actually a beautiful and inspiring one. The author of Hebrews clearly has Genesis 5 in mind when he speaks of Enoch. It is there that we learn how it is that Enoch earned a place among the heroes of the faith. Enoch was not simply a man who walked by faith; he was, in particular, a man who “walked with God” (Gen. 5:24). Enoch was pleasing to God because he not only lived his life by faith in the God of heaven and earth, but he also lived his life in intimate communion with God. To understand Enoch’s life of faith and communion with God more clearly, it is helpful to look at the backdrop against which the portrait of Enoch’s life is drawn.

Enoch Lincoln – Wikipedia

18 When Jared had lived 162 years, he became the father of Enoch. 19 After he became the father of Enoch, Jared lived 800 years and had other sons and daughters. 20 Altogether, Jared lived a total of 962 years, and then he died. 21 When Enoch had lived 65 years, he became the father of Methuselah. 22 After he became the father of Methuselah, Enoch walked faithfully with God 300 years and had other sons and daughters. 23 Altogether, Enoch lived a total of 365 years. 24 Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.

The first English translation of the Bodleian/Ethiopic manuscript was published in 1821 by Richard Laurence, titled The Book of Enoch, the prophet: an apocryphal production, supposed to have been lost for ages; but discovered at the close of the last century in Abyssinia; now first translated from an Ethiopic manuscript in the Bodleian Library. Oxford, 1821. Revised editions appeared in 1833, 1838, and 1842.

When the Book of Enoch was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, it became clear that it was a piece of literature that influenced biblical writers of the time including those who wrote the New Testament. So why is the Book of Enoch not in the Bible? Today it is only included in the main canons of Ethiopian Orthodox sects, but was popular for hundreds of years in ancient Jewish perspectives. In fact, in understanding the Book of Enoch, some have pointed out that it was likely the inspiration for the Book of Genesis, due to a number of parallels between the two.

(Zion is defined as “the pure in heart” and this city of Zion will return to the earth at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.) The Doctrine and Covenants further states that Enoch prophesied that one of his descendants, Noah, and his family, would survive a Great Flood and thus carry on the human race and preserve the Gospel.

In classical Rabbinical literature, there are various views of Enoch. One view regarding Enoch that was found in the Targum Pseudo-Jonathan, which thought of Enoch as a pious man, taken to Heaven, and receiving the title of Safra rabba (Great scribe). After Christendom was completely separated from Judaism, this view became the prevailing rabbinical idea of Enoch’s character and exaltation.[11]

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Shenzhen Needs More Talents

The Chinese government is investing in Shenzhen, one of the top cities of China, to be the next global technology and innovation hub.

China’s remarkable industrial growth are now becoming victims of the country’s prosperity.

Call them gentrification refugees, flowing out from Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities.

Increasingly, China’s good jobs are clustered in the country’s cities. At the same time, rents and property costs are skyrocketing, driven by speculation and lax regulation. Efforts to create more subsidized housing are moving at a glacially slow pace, if at all. The end result is an affordability crisis for much of the country’s urban dwellers.

Shenzhen, in southeastern China, is a modern metropolis that links Hong Kong to China’s mainland. It’s known for its shopping destinations, including Luohu Commercial Zone, a massive mall with a vast array of wares, from tailors’ custom clothing to faux designer bags. The city also features contemporary buildings, such as the 600m-tall skyscraper Ping An International Finance Centre, and a number of amusement parks.

Postal code: 518000

Population: 15

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