Xrumer automatically posts comments

Essentially, search engines rate websites on loads of factors, one being how many links (or “backlinks”) on the web are linking to that specific site. Ever since the general public figured this out, all sorts of things have magically surfaced on the web such as link farms. Since these methods of link building have become frowned upon, many users that are hungry for SEO are turning to other alternatives. One service that has been under quite a bit of discussion here lately is called Xrumer. Xrumer is a service that automatically posts automated comments (that all link to one particular site) to hundreds of thousands to millions of blogs, forums and message boards to ultimately build a massive collection of backlinks without the use of link farming or other techniques.

Hi guys, stumbled on the conversation and you all seem to know what you’re talking about. I run a small PHPBB forum that’s getting pelted with everything from pharmaceuticals to homepages that queerly enough, commonly seem to end with a “map.html” extension. I’ve been reading about these software programs and have developed surprising respect for the authors. The end-users, however, need a good poke in the eye among other things. I’m utterly scunnered! Does anyone know what the best math captcha system is for PHPBB? I’ve set the board so I manually approve all new members but some of the usernames are quite offensive and sit smugly down by the “our newest registered member is” part at the bottom. A bit off-topic sorry but hoping one of you guys could help a stressing brunette x

When initially using Xrumer, the service begins by probing major search engines to build a massive list of blogs, forums, and other means of communication sites to post automated comments to. There are loads of filters and settings to adjust so that you build the most efficient list possible. Once you’ve created your list, you can begin editing settings for proxies, post times, multithreading, etc. Xrumer is actually quite in-depth and flexible for your particular SEO campaign. It will take care of registering to all of the sites in the list because it is actually quite clever at solving over 700 different CAPTCHAS. Since most forums, blogs, etc. require clicking on a confirmation link so that you can begin posting, Xrumer has been designed to automatically enter a specified email account and verify email addresses. It’s a pretty intelligent service that’s obviously had lots of work put into it.