The Mobula6 HD – the tiny whoop that has it all.

The Mobula6 HD has recently been on the market – and it has pretty much EVERYTHING you can build in such a whoop today: F4 flight controller, brushless motors and HD RECORDING! Yes, high definition video in a micro-quad – a whoop!

I have a total crush and consider the Mobula6 HD to be one of the hottest quads I’ve ever flown.

The Mobula6 HD – the tiny whoop that has it all.

The Mobula6 HD – the tiny whoop that has it all.
How it all began
From Eachine E010 to TinyWhoop
So whoops or tiny whoops are extremely small quadrocopter. Formerly mostly from the toy class like the Eachine E010. I am still of the opinion that everyone should start flying first to see if these quadrocopters are even for them. And in 99% of the cases, you have fun with them.

But these Eachine toys didn’t have an innovative flight controller through which you can connect a real spark or where you can set an acro flight mode for loops, rolls, etc.
But then came the first BeeBrain FCs and suddenly these little mini-things could do everything that the big ones can do. In theory, anyway.

The whoops are growing up.
With the flight controller, the whoops were exciting for indoor flying races. But since the batteries are 1S and the brushed motors could not brake (“slow down quickly”) and couldn’t be incredibly efficient, at some point came the hour of ESCs and brushed motors for whoops. This motors not only made them fast and agile, with a 7er frame and 2S they became fast like the Mobula7. Fun to fly – for everyone! But videos to show? Unfortunately, no.

HD recording on Whoops

Then came with the HappyModel Mobula7 HD. Finally a mini drone with HD recording. But the additional weight of the HD camera took so much of the performance; the driving did not get out of hand despite the 3S and the horrible sound.

But now:

HappyModel Mobula6 HD
And now comes the Mobula6 HD. 1S. Brushless. HD recording. Power? Well – Throttle is already way up. If you want to save a dive, you have to start early enough. But:

Super light
Inexpensive (less than 100 euros at Banggood and AliExpress)
Quiet (i.e. 6s are just small and not loud)
“Compatible with people.”
Makes incredible shots for its size:

You can fly this thing anywhere. Nobody is afraid of six whoop. It flies around so inconspicuously as a toy – nobody expects anything wrong or these recordings.

I love the part and can recommend the Mobula6 HD to everyone because of its price, components and “application”. Is even interesting for beginners, as the prop guards hold back the worst if things go in the wrong direction. (For the newbies: don’t forget your spark and glasses!)

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