You’re playing a LOSING game if…

As the title reads, you’re playing a losing game if… you’re not building links and getting Google to know about those links so they can boost your site’s rankings. Link building is where real SEO starts.

That said, Google is always changing what works in SEO, but links have always remained important and will continue to be. But not all links are important, only the links indexed by Google are important because those are the only links that will count toward your rankings.

Harsh truth – most of the links you build will never get indexed, so you have to take measures to get them indexed. Some people use link pyramids to index their low quality links or build only high quality links so they can get better indexing rates. These methods work, but they are expensive and difficult to implement.

Nevertheless, there’s an easier, highly effective, and cheaper method, and that is using an indexing service like One Hour Indexing.

Make indexing your priority and you’ll need fewer links to rank, spend less on links, and achieve better Google rankings.

We have a WordPress plugin that simplifies the indexing process. If you want to index your WordPress pages and posts faster, just install this plugin and we’ll do the work for you.

Good luck with your SEO.