obtaining a Shenzhen Visa On Arrival . .

Documents required for applying for a visa on arrival include copies of the applicant’s or their relatives’ Chinese passports or identity cards.
According to China’s official definition, a foreigner of Chinese origin refers to a former Chinese citizen who has obtained foreign citizenship or the offspring of present or former Chinese citizens.
Shenzhenbei, which is another 15 minutes beyond Futian, will more likely be your destination if you’re changing to another intercity train service on China’s high-speed network.
From Hong Kong to Shenzhen via the High-Speed Rail service takes as little as 15 minutes, compared to at least 45 minutes via the more conventional East Rail regional line from Hung Hom.
If you’re making a quick side-trip from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, you’ll need a visa to cross over the border at China – but this doesn’t have to be a Chinese visa, as the country also issues special Shenzhen visa on arrival which is available to obtain at the border checkpoint.
Again, you can’t normally travel between cities when you’ve entered the country as a Transit Without Visa passenger, which means the foreign flights you take to and from China also need to run non-stop, rather than via other Chinese cities.
An express railway between Hong Kong and mainland China has dramatically decreased travel times, but not as many passengers and tourists as expected have been taking the train all the way to or from this special administrative region.
China’s government has thrown open the doors to visitors from 59 countries, giving them visa-free entry to Hainan island, in an unprecedented move to spur economic growth and boost tourism in the backwater province.
Hongkongers going to visit the southeast Asian country can appeal for a tourist visa upon arrival at its three international airports.
The southern Chinese city bordering Hong Kong was a fishing town until 1980 when it was nominated as one of four special economic zones as part of reforms aimed at opening China’s economy.
To acquire a transit visa exemption, the traveler must be transiting to a third country directly /
Customs and immigration will take place in an area of the station under China’s jurisdiction Having completed both Hong Kong departure and mainland arrival clearance procedures at the West Kowloon terminal, passengers won’t have to go through customs and immigration again upon arrival in China.
Foreigners of Chinese origin will be allowed to apply for visas from this Thursday that permit them to stay in China for five years or enter the country multiple times over that period, provided they meet set criteria.
International travelers transiting through China within 144 hours to reach another country of destination may be eligible for the 144-hour Transit Visa Exemption.
For example, someone landing from Hong Kong qualifies for the visa so long as their onward destination is outside of China but not Hong Kong.
However, with China’s recent efforts to crack down on foreigners living and working in the country illegally, immigration authorities are expected to increase enforcement of the existing laws through various measures, including spot-checks of foreign nationals.
Shenzhen visa restrictions open up new job opportunities for Hongkongers.

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Once you arrive, you will have to apply for a 24-hour visa exemption at immigration, and then likely pick up your bags.