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So what we’re saying is that, when the Fed raises interest rates too much, when emerging markets currencies slump too low, that’s the implication, the symptom of the cause. And that’s going to bring down, that’s going to be the contagion. Another one, look at the Indian Rupee. It’s at an all-time low. Fell 14% this year against the dollar. 80% of the energy is important in India. So now you’re looking at a declining currency, oil prices going up, and a slowing economy. So now what we’re looking at is oil. Oil and interest rates. The ratcheting up of war in the Middle East, you just saw what Israel, a release came out last week that they’ve sent it over, something like 800 missiles into Syria over the last year, according to their intelligence agency. Several hundred. I’m not sure the exact number, I forgot it. And then what happened with the Russian plane just getting shot down, as Israeli jets were allegedly firing missiles into Syria, and the Syrians shot back, and they also hit the Russian plane, killed 15. And then there’s the sanctions going on against Iran. And that’s going to drive oil prices up even more.

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I don’t need some jerk like Romney, Santorum, Obama, Bush, Clinton or the rest of them telling me that they’re my leaders. They couldn’t lead me across the street.

Gerald Celente: Well, the Trends Journal used to be a quarterly when we began in 1991. And now it’s a monthly. And we also put out Trend Alerts each week. Trends in the news broadcast Monday through Thursday. And the money back guaranteed. It’s only $129. But it’s the only place where you’re going to read history before it happens. Somebody just bought Time Magazine and made a big deal out of it. Time Magazine, last week’s news tomorrow. So what we’re doing is we’re giving you tomorrow’s news today.

Gerald Celente: Yeah. We think that Trump is going to play another peace card, possibly with Afghanistan. We’re going on, what? It’s going to be an 18-year war. And no end in sight. And there’s just a dump of money going into it. And also, probably pulling out of Syria, and a more positive peace deal with North Korea. And we believe that’s going to happen before the mid-terms to give the Republicans a boost. And he’s even speaking out more and more about the useless wars in the Middle East. And matter of fact, that’s the lead story in our new Trends Journal that just went out. And that it’s America’s love of war and hatred for peace. And how it’s really hurting this country in so many different ways, financially as well as morally. They say the fish rots from the head down. So, if you have a leader that says Assad has to go. Qadhafi has to go. Hussein has to go. What’s the difference from sick SOB in school saying, my classmate has to go.

You’ve got to pay more on your debt, and your debt is ballooning. Of course, it’s going to crash. It’s a Ponzi scheme. . . .It’s going to be worse than the Great Depression.

The majority of Celente’s forecasts have been centered around the Obama presidency’s effects on the USA and the world. In fact, Celente coined the expression “Obamageddon” prior to the 2012 elections;[13] this was picked up by conservative wingnut sites with alacrity.[14] Whether his issue is with Obama himself or if Obama is just a handy marketing tool for his survivalist investments is anyone’s guess, but the obsession is there — and marketable.[15][16][17]

And check back here next Friday for our next weekly Market Wrap Podcast. Until then, this has been Mike Gleason with Money Metals Exchange, thanks for listening and have a great weekend everybody.

Gerald Celente: It’s hard to say, you go back in past years, Nixon administration, he pushed power onto the Fed to do what he wanted. So it’s hard to say. You don’t know it goes in on these deals. But what everyone should really recognize, is the failure of the Fed over the years. You talked before about the panic of ’08. A term that I coined in 2007, took the domain name out. And I was going totally against what the Fed was saying. They were wrong on everything. And they’re wrong now. And again, this country cannot take rising interest rates. Oh, I just mentioned rising oil prices, right? So now the tax cuts for the middle class in America, that Trump gave the middle class, half of them are eaten up already by rising prices at the pump. So what I’m saying is that the Fed is overestimating the power of the economy. Real wages have only gone up because you know why? People are working longer hours and holding more jobs. So they’re overestimating the power of the economy. If they raise rates too much, it’s not only going to bring down the economy, it’s going to crash the markets.


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