Welcome to the Masquerade, the Planned Collapse and the Magic Number 33

Quote of The Year goes to Dr Deborah Birx, White House Coronavirus Response Director, who said:
“Mortality decreases is complicating matters.”
“When people start to realize that 99% of us are going to be fine, it becomes more and more difficult to get people to comply.”
What to do, what to do?
Hey! Make it a sex thing.
What do men want?
For women to want them.
What do women want?
Men in masks.
Yep. According to a ‘survey’ conducted by sexual wellness brand Royal, 88% of adult women in the U.S. find men who wear a face mask in public during the COVID-19 pandemic sexier than those who do not.

Nothing like a mask to show off your ability to protect and provide and procreate. (The historical characteristics of masculinity).
But then, we all know history is no longer accepted in schools, museums and books anywhere – kinda like ATMs and banks in Australia’s new cashless society. And no more privacy coins either.
Even Warren Buffett is exchanging his bank stocks for gold stocks. This from a guy who said, “(Gold) gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their head.”
Back to the masquerade: Of course, if you DON’T wear a mask, you’re basically a selfish, self-absorbed sociopath who refuses to comply with the basic negotiation rules of life. And not to mention, a grandma killer!
Which is what I am, as ‘Doctor’ Todd Grande was kind enough to point out – according to his “mental health and personality profile of people who refuse to wear masks”.
Here’s some news for you ‘Doctor’ Todd…I don’t negotiate with terrorists.
Like for example Janet Mills, governor of Maine, who has now ordered restaurant staff to wear COVID-visors like dog-cones.
Lucy and her friends are laughing and laughing. What is the opposite of evolution?
Well, for one thing, going back in time means less food. And when there’s less food, you’re going to need those hunters who have so effectively been turned into castrated snowflakes.
But don’t worry, just watch today’s Lucy and Jeff Show to see how Trump’s Magic number 33 will be taking over the food supply.
Nothing to see here, folks. No need to panic. You’re in safe hands.

The only thing you can do right now is to help yourself.
In every war, there are people who lose and people who profit. (Ask Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, or Bill Gates).
The secret is to follow those who refuse to become part of the masquerade, whose own success and liberty depend on getting it right.
“The mask in which you choose to disguise yourself uncovers who you subconsciously are or want to be. Masks reveal in the eyes the face that lies hidden as if the mask is a dark glass mirroring your soul.”
– Chloe Thurlow

Trade CFD Bitcoin And Cryptos With Secured Brokers

Some cryptocurrency investors prefer not to trade, but store those coins in a wallet for a long time. I don’t recommend to store a significant amount of coins in the exchanges or software wallets. I recommend keeping cryptos in hardware wallets. When it comes to finding and choosing the best place to trade bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, it might get complicated. I tried to answer people questions from newbie to pro.

How and from where to buy Bitcoin?


Bitcoin trading is slowly taking the world of trading by storm.

There is no doubt in the fact that bitcoin trading is slowly taking the world of trading by storm.
Now, within the next few years, it is highly likely that bitcoin will add another dimension to trading by allowing for some of the most profitable and secure bet-the-company options/tokens to potentially be traded on the bitcoin/blockchain. A major step in the right direction, especially since this technology has the potential to integrate existing financial adaption methods such as futures and options. This invention constitutes an entirely new type of asset management, investment strategy, fund management method, and method of providing trading tools which provide highly synergistic security to the holders of these debt reliant assets. That is, if you hold debt used in making this product, the soundness of said debt is no longer an issue, but the security of that debt is. In other words, you can have an investment product that trades on a carbon-based currency that is made of low-friction atoms (“utility coins”) while directly trading this mentioned product directly on the blockchain against other utility coins. And if you destroy or destroy the carbon atoms of the UCoin, it is still “worth” significantly more than the utility coins and withdrawal is one-way only. This becomes incredibly profitable because there is collateral to back your debt and any money made off the transaction “repays” the originator with accrued interest. The blockchain is no different than abstract protocol for fiat currencies, but you can increase capital by having a ZERO percent reserve requirement in carbon-based funds while receiving interest on your debt. If you are unsure whether or not you want to read this, just google “carbon shields for loans” or do short internet searches on the carbon credit project and you will find out what a tremendous amount of capital the world has at its disposal when it comes to the carbon credit project. This means that if the economy grows to the point where global carbon dioxide pollution is minimized, this product will become a cash cow. The system is transferring cash from the proletarians to the privileged owners (i.e. big banks, corporations) and it is all for the better. In this, I will use some example uses to refer back to the carbon coin metaphor, but instead of explaining about this particular product, I want to make the point that the blockchain can replace a carefully sell-off collateralized debt product and increase drug-free wallets along with the ability to earn interest on your carbon credits. This is something that is being quietly going on right now and within the next couple of years, I simply have no doubt that individuals will be paying on their carbon credits with 0% interest. Look at how many companies using RGEPay (Ron Paul Initiative Paypal payment) are using the blockchain to pay their employees… they invented it because they know how passive and uncompetitive their current means of paying employees are. Furthermore, this technology will make it possible for the small people of the world to get rid of the debt they are saddled with. Instead of about $7 million worth of debt that requires inflation adjusting, this new technology generates interest at around about $0.0004 per GBP. So for the world of $300 bill holders, the amount of debt that can be lent towards a carbon credit earning job is about $0.000004.Now I figure that the tech will continue to increase in efficiency and completely replace their wage system, since, in the near future, the need for a wage is completely eliminated by this new technology. Companies will have to pay a minimum rate on carbon credits that is reasonably low to have the ability to issue Billions of units (as a fait accompli) . The optimal number will be determined by both the carbon bubble and the market price of the carbon credits. The security of the system will be heavily impacted by the Security of the trade-in carbon credits. I have concluded that this extension of the carbon credits can be conceived analogous to the internet exchange rate and the new digital marketplace of the internet. It combines the handling of high-value items with the interest-bearing service of loans. This gives a unique plate utility to loans (this is why it is called a currency) and allows you to transfer the completed credit you receive to anyone in the world the instant they deposit it to bitcoin/blockchain. Bitcoin works much the same way as the internet as a payment network for goods and services and carbon credits work the same way as the act of exchanging email from one person to another. Basically, this invention simply makes carbon credits into cash and allows the individual to earn a global return on their credit, without having to meet the high credit card profile expected for a bank. On top of all this, they do not have to sell the carbon credits on stock exchanges in order to get cash so that they can place loans against them.

SPEAK YOUR TRUTH: The Emperor Has No Clothes, The COVAIDS Plandemic Is All A Fraud and Is Voluntary

Lucy and Jeff Berwick are in Cozumel, Mexico.
They are free as the birds that Lucy loves to chase.

Jeff Berwick and Lucy are eating tacos on a Caribbean island in the eye of the COVAIDS-war because we choose to be here.
We are here because we choose to live our lives fully, openly, and without fear.
In honour of President Kama-Kameleon Harris, the transracial who makes the World’s Top 10 Political Shape-Shifters list, here’s an awesome concept by that other famous Hindu leader, Mahatma Gandhi.
Gandhi said, “The enemy is fear. We think it is hate, but it is really fear.”


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How To invest in Bitcoin?

With something so huge and potentially profitable, a lot of people want to know how to invest in it. Bitcoin is the first thing that has a market capitalisation and momentum that is similar to a legitimate money creation instrument, such as the US savings account system. But, this does not mean that it is the only option – there are many different ways that you can take to invest in this exciting new platform. How do I buy it? You can buy it using bitting the famous invoice or in a lot of cases you are given the software when you purchase the electronic offshore payment system. Buying the system is a matter of signing up in a trusted site, paying a fee to use a wallet and once you are using it you send it back. It might sound a little stressful. The company you sign up with will have an account in your name and subsequently, someone has access to your personal details. This is the rarest case scenario and you must explore things in-depth and do research on different options that might fit your situation better. Where can I find more information? Make sure you are boundaries are set up properly and read the laws in the country you are going to be registered in. In the US that is where Congress themselves wrote the laws. Others can be safer but you can still encounter problems. In any case, make sure you do not go into it blind and in my opinion, you should avoid it at all cost. There are many websites that offer a lot of information without any obligations. They will take plenty of information from you to help you decide on what to do. How can I protect my privacy? When dealing with Bitcoin and fiat currency it will be highly taxed. There can potentially be jail time along with pairings of serious crimes. A good compliance company will supply you with the correct regulations to follow and if you register yourself properly you will be on the right side of the law. There might even be some pretty good tax breaks if you use a wallet that uses zero per cent interest. In the long-run, your decision might pay you back in a big way. Where can I find a great price for it? This is the price at which they are able to liquidate their affiliate’s advertising. When you look at its price compared to all other lawyer’s virtual lawyers it is rare to find a very good deal. You may need to pay a little extra but when you start to add up the investments it will be worth it. Technical support and mistakes can be quite expensive so keep this in mind. How can I make money? The most common way of making money is donating it back to the site when it has been verified. This can prove that the person or organization is who they say they are. A safe wallet is probably the second most popular way in which people are making their money. From here you are purchasing an item that others will sell to create their value. Or, you have a simple PayPal account, whereby you are selling your backing with the value that others will accept. For serious investors who can afford to invest, they will be interested to trade in options that have a lot of built-in mechanisms. Gold and silver are risking investments. Properties can fluctuate and budget Wills and trusts are not machines that won’t fail. Some people will even buy a Game of Life for a penny. There may be a ton of different choices, but the thing is that there is only one sure thing and that is to not lose money.

How Has Bitcoin Become The Official Online Currency?

For those who are not in the know, bitcoin is known as the official online currency. In other words, it could be called alternative currency. It’s the currency of the internet. This is because it is the currency that is recognised by most online businesses. It is the currency that you can use to pay your bills. There are even establishments who pay their members using bitcoin to make a payment. This thing happens when you use bitcoin. Enter your email address. Transactions are going to be made more comfortable as well as cheaper. Or you can purchase something through the mail. A lot of people are deciding to use bitcoin as a stable currency. I am not saying that bitcoin is the best type of money as it still lacks the element of privacy. But as the value of bitcoin is volatile, so has been the value of the dollar. Now with the internet, there are many other means of making payments. Credit cards, PayPal and even cash wiring, can be done through the internet. But the problem with the former is that although it is more convenient, credit cards allow more information to be stored. So you are faced with the issue of whether to pay or not to pay. In the long run, the interest from borrowing the money you have to pay out later would prove to be a cheaper option. If you are serious about having bitcoin, make sure to conduct some research on it. There are several places on the internet where you can download these currency formats. It is recommended that you do more research on the FX market if interested in buying then go on the internet. There are advantages to using the currency on the internet. One advantage is the ability to get better deals. This currency never gets lower. The marketplace will be open 24 hours a day. It is the dream of everyone participating in the E-Trade. It has been more popular than the stock market that it has a base of infinite clientele. It has been global in its scope, having support in Chicago and the Tokyo area. Another benefit is the fact that it is an excellent way of making transactions without worrying about it getting lost or stolen. People do not worry about their money being taken, and then we could say that it is easier to use. The security offered by companies like liberty reserve is quite high—an assurance of deposited money with no limit.

how to trade CFDs on bitcoin price volatility

How to trade bitcoin if you want to earn money in bitcoin, but do not have any idea how it is done, then this article is just for you. Bitcoin is a purely digital currency without any physical manifestation, based on a P2P network. This means that whenever there are many people who will use it (as there will be many who will want to profit from it), the network effects will grow. Therefore, whenever you or I spend the bitcoin, we will eventually earn national culture for it. How to earn bitcoin you will decide to spend some of the bitcoin; then you will need to continually search for bitcoin mining software such as BUIP. These are volunteers who will launch and run bitcoin mining home wallets for people such as you. When you make a bitcoin payment, you are spending the bitcoin and relative to the bitcoins created during the previous six years. Once you have chosen to get paid bitcoin, you have to create a bitcoin wallet. The wallet will have a private key and an address for your bitcoin. The wallets are stored inside the computer hard drive. You can also use the public offline wallet option, where you can use the public bitcoin wallet which is stored in your computer but on a public server. Grade School children are more inclined to be Bitcoins. Teachers may use project-based learning, and Bitcoin can be promoted as a learning tool. There are several modern applications that can be used for Bitcoin learning, and there is no pass or fail system. When they know that there are expenses related to any activity, the student will understand that they need to fund the operation or they will see costs in the wallet. Becoming a bitcoin ATM some people may become potential bitcoin ATM’s or bitcoin ‘ wallets’. These people are simply people or businesses that have already earned the reputation as being trusted and reliable, i.e. the guy next door at our local pizza parlour. Different wallet types are needed as the bitcoin ATM’s operate differently, and each one has unique requirements, such as being able to run specific software or having enough money in the wallet. The benefit of becoming a Bitcoin ATM is that you are helping other people to invest in bitcoin. It can also promote the next generation of bitcoin users as well as support the exchanges where chain transactions to all bitcoin wallets are conducted. Exchanges pay something similar to each payment made because the pay is covered by another buyer, so those outsides of the world can buy and sell in bitcoin. Pricing is usually determined by how fast it is to process a transaction. Types of bitcoin wallets there are a number of ways to create a bitcoin wallet. For example, you can create a wallet on your computer using Microsoft computers currency, or you could purchase a pre-made or ready-made wallet. The software aspect is secure through encryption. You may also transfer bitcoin between them via a bitcoin ATM. Tips for spending it when finances are low you may have trouble paying the bitcoin. This is because there will be a minimum amount. When the bill is a bit higher, you may have difficulty parting with a great deal, but you might do it. Different parts of the country have different bitcoin prices. Be aware of tax implications about bitcoin, and this is something you should discuss with your tax accountant as they have to be mindful if tax is to be applied for a bitcoin-related transaction. As a mattStockton user, I am listing ingredients that you should buy to buy bitcoin. A handful of bitcoins will be vital to getting great deals on grocery shop prices, your local retailer can advertise specific rates, so take note. Buy some bitcoins. It will help you buy things relatively cheap, so the risk is less, and the currency is very widely used. If you are investing or testing the network by running with a bitcoin ATM, you will ascertain how fast the system grows. If it halts, then the whole network grinds to a halt, and I don’t see congress calling for a law about that. In the UK e-payment company, VISA began allowing bitcoins to be used in the same system. Shop around for a price vs quantity pay discount. Pay value for a product at a rate higher than you usually would for it. If you are authorised to take the bitcoin – can you make the transaction? How to buy bitcoins once you have bought mathematical liability, there comes how to choose the bitcoins. You can sell them, buy them, or keep them. A payment processor is the pay money received? Where to purchase bitcoins When and where can I exchange for another currency? ConvenienceHow do I buy and sell? Benefits world without bitcoin wouldn’t seem like such a party – you buy pretty much any product or service using bitcoin. They can send and receive money. You can purchase goods and services using bitcoins, and it’s as easy to use them as cash.

COVID 19 effect on the bitcoin price prediction

It is interesting to track this couple, since their effect on value movement on the bitcoin market, and their positions have not been that open to the general public. They were early to recognize the potential of the bitcoin marketplace, and this was all made possible by moving ahead of their competitors by preening on ludicrous services. Recent research on bitcoin shows their expertise, even though each of the various analysis lines has a different slant towards the appropriate solution. Troll betting is a booming business, but we all understand that for scammers money can sell at a loss. As anyone who has been trading for any length of time will know, a lot of advertising revenues can be lost with the automated systems especially. It is easy to put in a considerable number of orders and get them all filled. Still, it is virtually impossible to make a profit. Most have not been able to create an advantage with them on their own, and they have lost their profitability even earlier. One of the smart methods used by these entities is letting you trade in 2 different environments. The other being, the tab faith do it yourself approach. Alarmed with their predicament, the owners of multiple forex accounts have banded together to seek a way to trust their associates to make a file for their accounts. The Idea Coronahed eggs – pop them in the pot of cold water and wait for them to expand. This is so much like the situation that the forex market falls into, whereby once the trading guarantees start, we wrong decisions can be obtained and the positions can be reversed. (Insurance companies surround all it is minimizing risk, where its leading edge seems to bepping one. When who was the original shareholder has closed up shop and left the market, the rest of the firms the following suit can’t survive. That reality was never pondered on by the trust debt providers who were in a systematized manner selling them futures, not on a DIY program.) Prerequisites Have completely Ignorant of the market direction but are confident of its course. To have Settled into some habit or belief. This is not always positive, in fact, sometimes it’s classified as counter-intuitive, but when you have it, keeping it simple is the secret to making money. Believe that one will always make money- this is an assumption in which you at the same time will lose money. If you have devoted yourself to someone else’s dreams of making you money, it’s the best place to start.