How To Optimize Your Online Privacy

a VPN’s privacy policy should be a major factor in the choice. That’s because a VPN is run by a single entity that could monitor, log your traffic and compromise it to a 3rd party. If you want to really protect your internet activity from everyone, you need to send your traffic through layers of multiple entities, so no one can record the full communication, not even the VPN provider.
TOR technology is based on this simple idea.

How To Optimize Your Online Privacy

Tor routes your traffic through various proxies and servers until it reaches its destination.

The downside of TOR that This longer route makes surfing the internet slower.
In order to use TOR, you can use one of the following

Tor Browser: A complete anonymizing browser for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Orbot: Tor connection for Android, to use with your existing browser.
Onion Browser: A Tor browser for iOS.
While Tor can’t guarantee anonymity, it’s the best choice for protecting your identity online.
It is also a good idea to pay your VPN provider using BITcoins.

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