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The Best-Designed Casino App

Many big names in the online gambling industry are trying to take their gaming experience mobile. With a growing number of mobile devices, online casinos have nothing to do but create mobile versions and apps to attract as many players as possible.
Titanbet mobile casino app gives you an opportunity to experience the thrill of casino gaming free. You do not have to waste time on downloads and installations. Just install the app and get to the world of some most famous and fantastic casino games.

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Bitcoins helps satisfy Americans’ appetite for online gambling

Bitcoin gaming sites keep popping up.—
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos have been one of the main utilization of blockchain technology since its emergence, still, many of these sites have operated out of unregulated or lightly regulated jurisdictions
Malta – long a pioneer in internet gambling – is quickly moving forward with plans to allow for the legal use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment at online casinos.
the regulatory body has commissioned a detailed technical study to explore the best path forward for legal and regulated cryptocurrency use in gambling.
Gambling sites that offer various numbers of payment methods including VISA, Credit Card, Skrill, Neteller and many more, make it easier for all types of customers, not only bitcoin.

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The Greatest Options Strategy Ever Made

This really is funny to me.

When I describe trading options to my parents, I can see their eyes roll back in their head…

To my parents and most of my friends, trading options are just way too confusing.

When I was starting out, I felt the same way. How is anyone supposed to know the difference between a call and a put, a theta and a delta, or a naked call or a covered call?

After I took the time and figured it out, I realized options could be the simplest way to trade and more often than not, the most profitable as well.

If you are like my parents and think options trading is too complex, you need to have someone explain it to you simply and in plain English and start by focusing on the strategy that works the absolute best.

3 Retailers that Will Survive Amazon

One by one, just about every big name retailer you can think of has taken a hit this year. Macy’s (NYSE: M), Sears (NSDQ: SHLD), and J.C. Penney (NYSE: JCP) have lost more than a third of their value in 2017.

In each case, the reason is the growing belief that e-tailing giant (NSDQ: AMZN) will one day put most of them out of business.

To a certain extent that fear is valid. When Amazon decides to go after a business it doesn’t mess around. Remember the corner bookstore? Probably not if you’re under the age of 30.

You can thank Amazon for that.

Amazon also deserves a lot of credit for building a better mousetrap when it comes to buying items that can be easily digitized, like books and records. But I believe it is a mistake to assume that it will be equally successful in attacking all other product categories.

To its credit, Amazon has done everything possible to make shopping online as easy as stopping by your local shopping centre. It offers same-day delivery in most cities, and next day delivery just about everywhere else.

But there are some things it just can’t replace. And for that reason, here are three retail stocks that are worth buying now while they are beaten down on the false notion that one day Amazon will put them out of business.

Missing the Mark

Target Corp. (NYSE: TGT) just took a big hit after it said it expects this holiday season to be weaker than normal due to heavy discounting. That’s bad news for Target, but good news for you if don’t already own it since the company has plenty of staying power.

Target is in the process of converting its stores to meet the needs of shoppers who just want to “grab it and go.” You can order something that morning and pick it up the same day without waiting in line, and if you don’t like it you can return it to the same store and get an immediate credit or exchange.

No matter how efficient Amazon makes the online buy and return process, it knows there will always be a need for store locations. That’s why it bought Whole Food Markets earlier this year and is rumoured to be looking to buy other national retail chains.

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Target already has an array of store locations throughout the United States that Amazon can only hope to emulate. But that will take years to accomplish, and by the time it is over there may be nothing unique about the Amazon shopping experience.

Getting the Boot

Another retail stock that has recently taken a dive is Walgreens Boots Alliance (NasdaqGS: WBA), the British-based pharmacy. Its share price swooned after a rumour surfaced that Amazon may soon enter the online prescription drug business.

Unlike most of the other items Amazon sells, the prescription drug business is heavily regulated. The current alarm over the growing opioid crisis in this country will only make it worse. That adds a layer of costs that could wipe out Amazon’s razor-thin profit margins.

Walgreens already has all of the licenses and vendor agreements required to sell prescription drugs. And unlike Amazon, it also has a massive chain of store locations in the United States and the United Kingdom to distribute them.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised when a report surfaced last week that Amazon has recently told a number of states that it does not intend to start selling drugs online. That’s good news for Walgreens, but its share price has only recovered a third of what it lost when everyone thought Amazon was coming after them.

Fumbling the Ball

Amazon may have helped put The Sports Authority out its misery, but that left Dick’s Sporting Goods (NYSE: DKS) as the only game in town. Yet, its share price is down 50% this year and has flat-lined recently despite posting solid third-quarter results this week.

That’s because the company’s CEO said he expects next year’s earnings to decline by as much as 20% on a per share basis. That may a case of setting expectations levels low so he can exceed them, but even if that turns out to be the case the stock still appears cheap.

DKS is now priced at only ten times forward earnings, or about half of what the average stock is going for these days. That suggests that Dick’s would need to suffer the same sized decline in sales for the next four years for it to be priced fairly.

In truth, nobody really knows how much of an impact Amazon will have on Dick’s sales next year, or in the years after that. What we do know is that Dick’s revenue actually grew by 7.4% during the most recent quarter, in large part due to the extinction of The Sports Authority.

Playing the Long Game

Amazon is a great company that deserves its reputation as an industry disruptor, but it is not going to put every retailer in the world out of business. The problem is that it isn’t yet clear which ones will die and which will survive, so all of them are viewed as potential victims.

That creates an opportunity for investors that can correctly identify the long-term survivors. To do that, you need to look for companies that already possess the type of in-store experience that Amazon hopes to create.

I don’t pretend to have perfect foresight, but I believe these three retailers have firmly carved out a very strong niche in their respective product categories that Amazon will not be able to dislodge.

Snap’s in Trouble

Snap (Nasdaq: SNAP) has disclosed that Chinese tech behemoth Tencent (OTCMKTS: TCEHY) owns some 145 million of its common shares which carry no voting rights-through an affiliate, good for a 12 percent ownership. Before you get too excited (if you own SNAP), keep in mind that Tencent makes all sorts of investments in the U.S., and the investment doesn’t necessarily mean it intends to take over the struggling Snap.

The ownership could be a precursor to some kind of partnership, however, and Snap may need this partnership to have a fighting chance, because of its own things are not looking good. Back in 2014, Snap founder Evan Spiegel, infamous for hubris, reportedly had turned down an investment deal from Tencent by asking for way too much. Now, if Spiegel were to sell, chances are the price tag will be but a small fraction of what he could have gotten three years ago.

The latest quarter was another bad one for Snap. While third-quarter revenues increased by 62 percent to $207.9 million, it pales in comparison to the preceding quarter’s 153 percent growth. Expenses remained sky high. The company incurred an operating loss of $461.8 million, up from the second quarter’s $449.0 million loss. The biggest negative was that the key metric, user growth, was once again below expectations. The daily-user count for the Snapchat app grew to 178 million, up 4.5 million from the second quarter, but The Street was looking for approximately 182 million.

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Since the company primarily makes money through ads, slowing user growth is not a good trend, particularly as its app’s once unique features have been copied by juggernaut Facebook’s (Nasdaq: FB) Instagram, which had 500 million daily active users. Facebook, by the way, had tried to buy Snapchat for $3 billion in 2013 but was rejected. Now it’s eating Snap’s lunch.

Spiegel announced that Snap will redesign the app to “make it easier to use,” in what appears to be an effort to attract new users-the slightly older folks. Part of Snapchat’s appeal to young people, however, is that its non-conventional design distinguished it from the likes of Facebook, which over time began to attract parents and grandparents, making it less “cool” to the younger crowd. In fact, a major overhaul of the app could end up alienating some of its current user bases.

Snap acknowledged that the redesign will probably be disruptive to its business in the short term and it doesn’t know how the update will change the behaviour of its user community. The redesign looks like a desperate move to shake things up because status quo isn’t working.

Symbolic of its problems, Snap disclosed that included in the $449 million loss in the third quarter was nearly a $40 million on Spectacles, sunglasses equipped with a camera that worked with Snapchat. These gimmicky sunglasses were supposed to be one main way to diversify revenue source, but they failed miserably. Management badly overestimated demand and there are hundreds of thousands of unsold units sitting in warehouses.

One of the hottest IPOs this year, SNAP has been a flop. The stock dove more than 14 percent in reaction to the third-quarter results and the future looks murky, to say the least. Outside help looks like its best chance.

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BitDegree Is Developing a New Cryptocurrency

000hosting announced a partnership with  – BitDegree Learning Foundation that is working on a new and exciting crypto development course!

BitDegree has teamed up with the creators of Zcoin – peer-to-peer cryptocurrency based on the blockchain. Zcoin is the first cryptocurrency to implement Zerocoin that secures your financial privacy using zero-knowledge proofs! Zcoin will develop a course about the Zerocoin protocol and the cryptography behind it. This course will be one of first created on the BitDegree platform by a partner blockchain company.

All curious cryptocurrencies fans will able to join it in the upcoming months!

How  Longer  The Price of Bitcoin Will Continue its Dramatic Surge?


The price Bitcoin climbed at 5 percent to a new all-time high of $7,226 Today, boosted by bets the cryptocurrency could enter the financial mainstream after the world’s largest derivatives exchange operator said it would launch bitcoin futures on Tuesday. The price of the cryptocurrency hit a high of $7,150 just hours after breaking through the $7,000 barrier, and a minute after moving past the $7,100 mark.   Its market cap hit $120 Billion

Bitcoin Price Chart

According to an overview document and presentation slides reviewed by Reuters, in 2015 Wright planned to propose to the Antigua government that the island adopt bitcoin as its official currency. It is unclear which government department Wright approached, or indeed whether he made the proposal as planned. Requests for comment from three ministries in the Antiguan government produced no response.

European markets opened sharply lower before paring its losses. Germany’s DAX index was off around 1% after opening down nearly 3%. France’s CAC 40 was in positive territory by 0.4% after an earlier decline of 1.5%, and Britain’s FTSE 100 dropped 0.3%.

Valuable to the genius of bitcoin is the blockchain it uses to store an internet ledger of all the transactions that have ever been carried out using bitcoins, imparting a statistics structure for the blockchain that is uncovered to a restricted hazard from hackers and can be copied throughout all computers running bitcoin software. Many professionals see this block chain as having essential uses in technology, which includes online voting and crowdfunding, and significant monetary establishments along with jp morgan chase see capacity in cryptocurrencies to decrease transaction fees with the aid of making fee processing greener.

Since then, there have been no other significant names linked to Nakamoto’s identity and no action on the bitcoin holdings related to his account, currently worth around $7bn. It is possible the world may never know who invented bitcoin. For many in the field, that’s how it should be.


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